Pyramid Block Wall Sticker

These triangles comes in beautiful bright colours that are reminiscent of Ancient Egypt. Arrange them in an interesting pattern to add some intrigue to your home!

What's Included:

36 Decals per package

Comes with

  • 5 Blocks in Pink approx. 9.4cm x 8cm each
  • 5 Blocks in Light blue approx. 9.4cm x 8cm each
  • 6 Blocks in Yellow approx. 9.4cm x 8cm each
  • 6 Blocks in Dark Blue approx. 9.4cm x 8cm each
  • 6 Blocks in Orange approx. 9.4cm x 8cm each
  • 8 Blocks in Aqua approx. 9.4cm x 8cm each

Applying wall stickers is easy!

Simply peel align and stick to your wall and voila! you have transformed your walls. When you want to change designs, you can simply remove them without damaging your walls. Great for rentals and offices!

  • Matte Removable Wall Sticker
  • Not Transparent
  • Simple Peel & Stick
  • Included

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